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Using Marketing Techniques to Recruit for IT Positions

Jan 14 , 2016

Inbound marketing can be an effective tool when building a talent network.

Effective recruiting techniques involve some amount of marketing. Without marketing the opportunities as well as the company itself, it becomes difficult to attract quality candidates, many of whom are reluctant to work for a company they've never heard of. Here are some marketing techniques IT hiring managers can use to increase visibility for their open positions.

Managing Social Media

Most companies have a social media presence, but are your social media pages optimized to attract repeat visitors from the IT community? Effective social media users are active, posting at least several times a day on Twitter and 1-3 times a day on Facebook. Do you know what other sites your candidate pool uses frequently? Having a profile on Reddit or Tumblr may be worthwhile even with fewer users, if those users are active and engaged.

It is also effective to link to relevant information that can benefit IT professionals both personally and professionally. Having quality content on your page will help you stand out as a site that is worthwhile to follow and visit regularly. People flock to content that is attractive, compelling and relevant to them.

Content Marketing

If your company doesn't participate on major content websites for the IT field, it's time to establish your IT department as a thought leader in its field. Your candidate pool will grow if you are providing quality, cutting edge content that IT professionals are reading and sharing. A company blog is a place to start, but submitting pieces to major IT websites will increase name recognition and reputation, which will attract top candidates.

Finding out which sites to pursue is as easy as asking members of your IT department what websites they visit frequently for professional development. You can even recruit some of your existing IT staff to write articles (edit before submitting to be sure they reflect company standards and have proper grammar).

YouTube is a growing site that has both social media and content marketing components to it. The use of video in online marketing continues to grow exponentially, so getting your company on YouTube with relevant and engaging video content has never been more important. It may even be worth hiring professional staff to assist with these efforts if your company doesn't have the skills to handle this.

Having a mobile responsive website is important for recruiting.

A Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile is no longer an option, and having a separate mobile site is going the way of the dinosaur, according to ComputerWorld. A mobile responsive site senses how the site is being used and adjusts, providing the same content but in a mobile-friendly format. For the first time in 2015, more users accessed sites with mobile devices than with computers, and the trend is only expected to shift more strongly in the direction of mobile web usage as people use their smartphones and data-enabled tablets more and more while they are away from home.

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