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3 Ways a Professional Services Vendor Helps Cut Costs Jan 18

Whether you have an in-house IT department or not, large expenses can put a damper on important updates and upgrades. A professional services partner helps dial IT project costs back.…

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4 Ways GenZ Will Shape Your Company's Future Jan 15

Information abounds about the millennial generation, and they're now in the workforce in abundance. In fact, you or members of your team may belong to this generation. It's time to look at the new generation of young adults in the workforce: genZ. How are they changing the way recruitment works, the way businesses hire, and the way that your company envisions its future? …

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The Biggest Challenges of Cloud Migration Solved Jan 09

If cloud migration isn't a topic of conversation in your company yet, it's just a matter of time. The unsteady early days are long since gone. In their place is a period of innovation and better performance than what you might be used to. …

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HR Has Grown a Lot in the Past 10 Years Jan 08

The past ten years brought about tremendous change in the talent industry. The recession and near decade-long economic recovery transformed the way people looked for work. When hundreds of job seekers vied for the same job, something had to give. Job seekers took matters into their own hands. That’s one reason the gig economy was born.…

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From ATS to TAS: Here's to a Smarter, Better 2018 Jan 05

Applicant tracking systems have been the way of the talent industries for years. At their inception, they solved plenty of everyday HR problems, such as sorting resumes and storing contacts. They can even help with recruitment in the full employment economy. But talent acquisition systems are the next generation. They do more and can be much more intuitive.…

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3 Problems Solved by Unified Communications Jan 02

There are few things worse than the right hand not knowing what the left hand is up to. How can you keep workers connected to each other, customers connected to sales, vendors connected to buyers and everyone connected to you? Cloud-based unified communications.…

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4 Reasons You Need a POS Upgrade in 2018 Dec 28

Are you in the big data loop and can you use it to your advantage? Does the cloud for business sound like a dangerous endeavor? Are you tired of chasing problems with the Point of Sale system you’ve got?…

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Is Your Support Desk Software Less Than Supportive? Dec 27

The support desk has a serious job to do. On the front side, it's still for questions and answers. On the back end, it carries a much bigger load. That is, of course, unless the software is outdated, inefficient and ineffective. When that happens, help and customer service aren’t helpful at all; they’re just another hazard to navigate. …

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Why Most Businesses Plan to Upgrade IT Security in 2018 Dec 19

Next year will be huge for IT security across the United States and in the UK. The overwhelming majority of businesses plan to update IT security management or replace it altogether. Some businesses that currently handle security in-house want to outsource in 2018. …

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Where Will HR Talent Management Technology Go in 2018? Dec 07

The New Year will be here before you know it. With it, you'll find a certain fine-tuning of practices and trends that you already know. HR has received an embarrassment of technology riches over the past decade. HR tech will continue to improve in 2018. Employees still tend to take charge of their careers. That's probably here to stay, as well. …

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