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Good Answers for 4 Tricky Interview Questions Jul 16

Just one weak or lackluster answer to an interview question can derail an interview and be the difference between getting the job and being passed over for someone with a better answer. Some interview questions are tricky and require you to think ahead of time about how you will answer. Here are some good answers for those tricky interview questions that can help you get the job you want. …

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Seven Tips for Successful Succession Planning Jul 06

What if an essential employee leaves tomorrow? Promotions, acceptances of outside offers, geographical moves, and even illness or death can leave key positions vacant. Empty C-suite jobs or gaps in filling crucial positions such as software development or engineering could leave your company without leadership or even sufficient staff to work at maximum productivity. These are among the reasons that leadership changes dismantle 66% of small businesses. …

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5 Tips for Hiring the Right IT Professional Jun 25

IT professionals are vital to nearly all businesses now; they are responsible for a company's computer networks, servers, and other computer systems. Hiring the right IT personnel is essential to a company's computer security and basic functioning. Here are some tips to ensure you hire the best candidate when you have an open IT position. …

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How to Make a Good First Impression in Your New Role May 29

Nobody ever starts a new job and says, "I hope I make a poor first impression today!" We all want to make a good impression on our new bosses and co-workers, and we often go to great lengths to do just that. And yet, a lack of knowledge about the company culture and other expected behaviors can lead new team members in the wrong direction. …

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5 Ways Unified Communications Helps Supercharge Productivity May 23

Unified communications pulls chat, video conferencing, email and most forms of business communication into a single, manageable interface. Using UC tools and abilities, a voicemail might be accessed via email, text message or on a cell phone even if the voicemail was sent on an IP phone line. The benefits of unified communications are numerous for businesses and individuals. …

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How to Screen for Emotional Intelligence During the Hiring Process May 03

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, manage and evaluate emotions, both your own and other people's. EI can become as important or even more important than skills specific to a particular job in situations involving teamwork and high levels of interpersonal contact in the workplace. Additionally, research suggests that candidates who are highly emotionally intelligent may perform better in their professional roles.…

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6 Dos and Don'ts of Resume Writing May 01

One of the first glimpses a potential employer will get of you is your resume. Resumes simply must be impressive if you expect to get to the next level—the interview. Here are some of the best dos and don'ts of resume writing.…

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Should I Work with a Recruiter for My Job Search? Apr 25

One of the options job seekers have as they search for their next position is to work with a recruiter—someone whose job it is to fill open positions. Working with a recruiter can have drawbacks, but there are also some ways in which working with a recruiter or recruitment agency can be helpful to your search.…

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The Top Advantages of Creating a Career Roadmap Apr 23

A now-famous Harvard study showed that MBA students who wrote down their goals and made a plan for how to achieve them (three percent of students) made about ten times more money after ten years than the students who didn't write down their goals and make a plan (97 percent of students). Imagine something so simple having such a huge impact? It speaks to the vital importance of career mapping.…

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Is It Necessary to Screen for Cultural Fit? Apr 20

The cultural fit of a job candidate is the extent to which their values, beliefs, outlook and behaviors match up with those of the company that seeks to hire them. The importance of a candidate's cultural fit has been debated by recruiting experts, who suggest that organizations benefit from a variety of diverse viewpoints and that cultural fit should not be an essential way to screen candidates.…

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