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Thought Leader Series: What Are Top IT Candidates Looking for in Their Employers?

Sep 30 , 2015

Travis Pizel is a personal finance blogger who writes at Enemy of Debt, where he shares his family's financial experiences, struggles and successes. As a father and husband, he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, and family.

As the economy recovers, demand for IT skills is increasing, which means greater competition for the best workers looking for information technology jobs. Hiring companies need to make an impression during the interview process in order to fill their open positions with the top candidates.

Knowing what prospective employees are looking for can help hiring companies ensure they emphasize their best attributes and secure the needed skills to lay the foundation for their company's future success.

Favorable Location

Some IT job prospects want to be near their family or a significant other. Others want to relocate to a specific climate or even a technological hot spot. Many prospects view location as their number-one priority when weighing job options. While a company may not be able to change its location, it can emphasize and highlight that location, particularly if it's favorable to a specific candidate.

Interesting Work Assignment

The assigned work ranks among the most important things prospective IT employees look for in a potential job. Prospects certainly understand there will be a learning curve, but they'd likely prefer job responsibilities that are interesting and challenging. Most job-seekers also want to be assured that they will be productive and will be contributing to the company's overall success within a short period of time. By giving prospective new hires an inspiring description of the work they would do, hiring companies can make a positive impression.

Supportive Work Environment

Top prospects like to meet some of the people they'd be working with if hired. If a person must spend at least eight hours a day working with a group of people, it seems reasonable that they meet at least one or more of them before accepting the position. First impressions are extremely important while IT job prospects try to visualize themselves working day after day with the people they meet. It would be beneficial to have interviewees meet with current employees who have great people skills and a positive attitude toward their work and the company.


While pay certainly plays a factor, it is surprisingly not the most important. Many top IT job candidates will turn down higher offers in favor of companies that match their desired location and/or have a work assignment that better fits their interests and career goals. That being said, companies should be competitive with the compensation they offer, to create an overall attractive offer package.


Among younger candidates, benefits are sometimes forgotten. Many times candidates will assume the company has sufficient benefits, and hiring managers will simply provide a link for them to visit to investigate on their own. Specifically highlighting the benefits package could give a candidate a positive impression and make a hiring company stand out during the decision-making process.

Competition for top information technology job skills is increasing; therefore, companies need to try to look as attractive as possible to potential employees. By highlighting attributes that are important to candidates today, companies can obtain the skills they need to be successful tomorrow.

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