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How to Tell if a Recruiter is Worth It

Feb 26 , 2016

Good recruiters develop methods of identifying top talent.

Companies pay thousands of dollars to recruiters for help in finding and hiring needed employees. There are effective recruiters out there who use proven techniques to find quality candidates, but there are also recruiters who aren't worth a fraction of what they are paid and who waste the time of both the companies who hire them and the job seekers who are looking for positions.

Characteristics of Effective Recruiters

They have good people skills.

Most recruiters can match up raw skill sets and find the best candidate on paper to fill an open IT position. Some of these candidates are a good fit for the company, and some will not fit into the company's culture or will have other flaws that aren't apparent on paper.

They know the field in which they are recruiting.

Of course, an IT recruiter will not have knowledge of all the skills involved in every IT position they fill, but it is important to know enough about the field and the skills involved so that the recruiter can be accurate in matching skills to job descriptions.

They know the needs of companies they work with.

Good recruiters will take the time to find out what makes each company they recruit for unique. A good recruiter will ask questions about the company culture and about particular goals and objectives they want to meet through the hiring process.

They take time to help job seekers.

Although recruiters are paid by companies, not individuals, good recruiters know that developing relationships and building a talent pipeline will make their efforts on behalf of a company more effective. There are two sides to every recruiting job, the company side and the talent side; effective recruiters know how to develop and satisfy both sides.

Good recruiters typically spend many hours each week on the phone.

They communicate regularly.

Recruiters are busy every day looking for new talent, posting jobs, and reviewing resumes and applications. Effective recruiters know that no one will know how hard they are working unless they communicate with companies and talent regularly about their efforts.

They are realistic.

For some IT jobs, no perfect candidate exists. Good recruiters will find a way to fill that position anyway, whether with a candidate who can succeed with further training or with one that has transferable skills. If a recruiter promises you what seems impossible, you should probably be skeptical.

That being said, most companies find that recruiters can channel better candidates to their hiring departments than they would be able to find on their own. Recruiters who promise to widen your talent search and find you more qualified candidates than you could find on your own are most likely accurate in their assessments.

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