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Finding an IT Job That Won't Bore You

Mar 03 , 2016

Having a job you can be excited about is important for some IT professionals.

When conducting a job search, being qualified is only part of the equation. A company may want a particular candidate for a particular job, but does that candidate want a job that isn't challenging and will soon begin to feel monotonous?

If you are looking for a job that gives you challenges and will keep you from getting bored. Studies have shown that within a year of getting a job, most employees are beginning to feel bored if they aren't being challenged. Job satisfaction is directly correlated with the level of challenge, as well.

Sure, managers will find it easier to hold onto good employees if they give them challenging projects, but not all managers have caught on to this idea yet. When looking for your next IT job, here are some things you can do to increase the likelihood that you will be challenged.

--Decide on your goals before starting your job search. If you don't know where you want to go, you will never be able to get there. Having a goal in mind will help you keep taking steps toward that goal.

--Understand yourself. Knowing what challenges make you tick will help you find opportunities that will keep challenging you. Continual self-assessment is necessary for those who want to be challenged at work. Once you figure out that you want to be challenged, self-assessment can help you refine exactly what challenges you and how to make those things happen.

--Ask good interview questions. If you address the challenge issue right away in the interview process, it's a good bet that you will be more likely to catch the attention of a manager who intends to challenge you in the job. Don't be afraid to ask if the job will provide challenges, and what some of those specific challenges might be.

Avoiding boredom will keep you more engaged in your job and career.

--Take a job you're not quite prepared for. If you feel perfectly comfortable to do the job on the first day, chances are you will be bored in a short period of time. It's normal for those seeking challenges to feel like they are in over their heads on the first day. When you thrive on challenge, you find out that you will quickly learn what you need to learn to make it all work. This is fun for challenge-seekers.

--Settle if you must, but keep on searching for challenges. It's a reality that the challenging job you are looking for may not be immediately available. And yet, you have bills to pay, maybe a family to support. There's nothing wrong with taking a job to put food on the table and a roof over your head, even if it is boring or monotonous. Just don't give up - keep doing the things that will help you be challenged, such as continuing education and keeping the job search going until you find what you're really looking for.

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