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Expert Interview Series: Pradeep Chauhan About the Advantages of Contract Jobs

Jan 28 , 2016

"These days companies are hiring contractors for almost every position they used to hire full-time employees for," says Pradeep Chauhan, founder of crowd-sourced staffing agency directory OnContracting.

"While the non-core IT positions like Desktop Support, Lab Engineers, Helpdesk and Software Testing were always contractor heavy, companies have started using contractors for more core aspects of their business, too," he says.

We recently checked in with Pradeep to learn more about the advantages of contract jobs. Here's what he had to say:

What are the advantages of contract jobs for companies?

One of the advantages is flexibility to change resource levels. But I think many companies have discovered this is an efficient way to screen and get a feel for the worker so they can convert them to full time, too.

What about for the contractor?

I think the biggest benefit to contractors is the opportunity to work at different companies for shorter periods and get broad exposure as compared to working in a single department in the same company for multiple years.

Secondly, many contractors like the fact that they don't need to worry about bosses, performance reviews, or competing with their colleagues for promotions or projects and other office politics.

Lastly, contractors can choose to take longer vacations in between projects, instead of the two to three weeks that full-time employees are limited to.

What about the disadvantages for both?

The disadvantage for companies is the loss of knowledge when a contractor leaves.

For a contractor, the loss is the insecurity of finding another contract when one is complete, the lack of time to build lasting relationships with co-workers, and the lack of company-paid benefits.

What types of companies are hiring IT contractors right now?

Almost every Fortune 1000 company, SMB, and government organizations are hiring IT contractors.

Where should IT professionals go to look for contracted positions? has crowd-sourced the list of preferred IT staffing agencies for any company so they can identify the best agencies with which to work.

What should contractors do to make themselves stand out for open positions?

Contractors should make themselves available on all the platforms available, because you never know who is looking or where they are looking - job boards, freelance marketplaces, professional networks and, of course, OnContracting

What do you think the future holds for how businesses use contractors?

With Uber as the poster child, businesses are going to want on-demand staffing that's as easy as pressing a button. Freelancer Management Systems are likely to start picking the low-hanging fruit of repeat staffing for companies at very low margins. Staffing agencies will have to start curating and finding ways to retain talent that may involve getting them higher rates from clients.

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