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Attracting Job Seekers to Your Company Website

Jan 21 , 2016

Getting IT professionals to browse your company's website can help with recruiting efforts.

One way to build a list of potential future job candidates is to attract them to your company's website. Many corporate websites are not attractive to potential job seekers or currently employed IT professionals that may one day want to work for them. With a few changes and new additions, however, it is possible to have a corporate site that attracts potential candidates and helps build a talent network you can draw from when you have open positions.

Interesting Content

Linking to or providing original content of interest to IT professionals on your company website will show potential talent that you are up to date on trends and topics. Interesting content will make your company's website a regular destination so that candidates will come across open position listings when they get posted.

Additionally, your corporate website should be used to highlight what makes your company special, unique and attractive to employees. A visitor to your website should know right away what makes the company good to work for.

Provide opportunities for interaction

Making a forum on the company website will make potential talent want to hang out there and talk to other IT professionals. Linking to social media pages can be another alternative way to encourage interaction within the corporate infrastructure. Social media is also a great place to post positions as they become open so that a large number of contacts see them.

A company blog or newsletter is a good way to capture email addresses for further updates and interactions. You can recruit personnel from within the company to write the content, as it is usually time-consuming to do this all on your own.

Use video

If your company doesn't have a YouTube channel, it's time to get one. People are attracted to video and have become more likely to watch video than to read written material, so take some time to make videos that show your company's personality. Don't be afraid to be different and stand out from the crowd - this is usually a plus.

Having a responsive site will allow candidates to check up on you wherever they are.

Make the site responsive to mobile

The majority of job candidates now research opportunities on their mobile devices at least some of the time, so having a responsive site is a must if you don't want to turn away visitors with a clunky or outdated site design. A responsive site is different than a mobile-friendly site - it actually senses the device you are viewing the site on and adjusts the formatting accordingly. Mobile responsiveness will show IT candidates that you are technologically savvy, which will be a good selling point.

A good company website can be an excellent marketing tool that helps in recruiting efforts. If the thought of revamping or adding features to the company website fills you with uncertainty and dread, Contact GDH Consulting for help and guidance.