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Is the Private Cloud Really Dying? Oct 30

In August of this year, Amazon’s AWS enjoyed a healthy $2.88 billion in revenue. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud offering, brought in $800 million.…

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Which HR and Recruiting Conferences Will You Attend in 2018? Oct 30

It’s that time again; time to pull up your calendar and pencil in at least a couple of HR and recruiting conferences for the coming year. …

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Here's What IT Job Candidates are Really Looking For Oct 27

The coming year is already starting to shape up for IT recruitment and hiring. Some trends are starting to fizzle out and new ones are on the rise. It’s all part of an industry that’s starting to mature at the end of the Great Recession. …

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3 Reasons Your Interviews Flop and What to Do About It Oct 25

Are you tired of too many candidates rejecting job offers and running for the door? Do you learn very little about them from an interview that you couldn't have learned from their resume? Is new hire turnover too high? …

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Can You Really Trust Your IT Project Manager? Oct 23

You brought in a project manager to ensure the job went off without a hitch. But along the way, you've grown less comfortable with their methodology. Communication isn’t all that great, either. How can you know before it’s too late that the PM on your team doesn't share your vision? And how can you avoid that problem on the front end?…

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How Well Does Your Recruiter Know Your Business? Oct 17

You wouldn’t throw a dart at a dartboard and expect to hit the name of a great recruiter. In some ways, joining up with a recruiter without really knowing them is not unlike that game of both skill and chance. …

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What is the GDPR and How Might it Affect Human Resources and Recruiting? Oct 09

With the recent data breach at Equifax, it makes a person wonder if any digital information is really safe. People around the world post images and share information with friends. They upload resumes, too. …

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Which Project Management Methodology Fits Your IT Project? Oct 09

Agile? Scrumban? Kanban? Waterfall? Using the right project management methodology for the job helps project delivery go more smoothly. But what do they all mean and how can you choose the right direction for your IT project? It's confusing, but not if you work closely with a project management partner who has been there. …

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Relax While Professional Services Handles Your Whole IT Project Oct 09

Too many IT projects and not enough staff? One major project and no IT staff to speak of? If you opt for professional services instead of hiring new staff or spreading the people you’ve got too thin, you get the best of all worlds. …

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Why Scalability Gives You the Best of Professional Services Oct 02

Smaller businesses might think professional services won't fit into the budget. Larger companies might assume their in-house IT team has all of their needs covered. But scalable solutions are just right by design for every company's needs. …

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Does Your Next Hire Really Need a Bachelor's Degree? Maybe Not. Oct 02

Hiring managers need the best-qualified people for the job, but that's not an easy ticket to fill in the current hiring climate. Unfortunately, extremely high standards can eliminate opportunities for the company and for a host of capable, hardworking, highly-trainable people who happen not to have a degree.…

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Need a Unicorn Job Candidate? Check out Conferences Oct 02

Talent sourcing in a full-employment economy is hard enough. Sourcing the elusive unicorn candidates with the right balance of skills, aptitudes, experience and culture fit is even tougher. Too bad there’s nowhere to find a host of talented people in one place. …

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