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What Does the Future of Cloud Computing Hold for Small Business? Sep 19

Betamax was replaced by VHS which lost its place on the throne to DVD. Then Blu-ray came along, which has largely been ousted by digital. Nothing is static in technology, and some think the days of cloud computing are numbered.…

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Should You Outsource Your Design Works or Hire a Contractor? Sep 19

The lack of an in-house design team shouldn’t put the brakes on any project that you’ve got in your sights. But without the staff, the next question is a bit trickier. Should you outsource design and leave it in their hands? Or is it smarter to hire a contractor?…

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10 Things Professional Services Can Do Sep 12

You know your business like nobody else. But for some jobs, you need an expert or a team of them. That's what Professional Services firms provide. Maybe you’re planning a project that’s outside the capabilities of your in-house IT department. Or maybe you need project management or design experts to lead or complement an already talented team. …

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Need Employees Now? Think About Independent Contractors Sep 12

Temporary workers can fill gaps quickly. Sourced well, they're not in the same league as yesterday's unskilled temps. Non-employee workers can bring a surprising level of talent to the table. In fact, many people who are top in their field are shifting to contractor status to better manage their own careers. According to research by Edelman Berland, 34 percent of American workers are freelancers and 60 percent made the jump by choice. …

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Should You Hire a Revolving Door Employee? Sometimes, They're a Great Investment Sep 12

Employees come and go. Sometimes they come back again. Revolving door or “boomerang” employees might sound like a frustration on the surface. After all, if they were terminated or left your company voluntarily, why should they want to come back? For that matter, why would you want them to?…

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How to Attract and Keep Engineers When the Trends are Working Against You Sep 12

With so much media attention on fun, attractive, high-profile companies, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that many engineers don’t go to work in a hip, trendy office. Engineering work can, sometimes, be grubby, considering the diversity of engineering careers. Or it might take place in a grubby environment where the furniture doesn’t match and the closest thing to a coffee bar is the fast food joint around the corner. …

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Entry Level Engineers or Experienced: Which Costs More to Hire? Sep 12

Are you sourcing more experienced engineers than entry-level employees? If so, you’re not alone. Skills can be taught; experience is gained over time. Entry-level workers require a costly training commitment. The higher salaries of experienced engineers might be offset, at least in part, by their ability to hit the ground running.…

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How to Build a Better Employee Engagement Survey Sep 12

Employee engagement isn't just good for retention. It's also good for business. The more employees say and the more that you listen, the better equipped you’ll be to handle attrition before it has a chance to take root. …

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