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Here's Why Remote Desktop Session Host May Trump VDI Aug 23

Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) has been the main way companies accomplish virtualization for many years, but in the mid-2000s, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) gained users because of the increased customization possible with its functioning.…

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How HR Can Help Cultivate a Bully-Free Workplace Aug 23

It’s difficult to pin down what workplace bullying really is. Generally, it’s not as overt as kids ganging up on a smaller one in school. But it can be just as damaging. The person being bullied suffers, but so do co-workers and the whole business. Productivity can take a nosedive.…

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Developing a Software Implementation Checklist that Works Aug 17

First, you identify the need. Then the real work begins. A new software implementation is a multi-stage process that involves finding the right vendor, software buildouts, configuration, testing and ultimately going live. Because new software affects different departments within your company as well as your customers or clients, developing a plan on the front end helps keep the project under control with fewer hiccups and quicker problem resolutions along the way. …

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Top 4 Myths About Cloud Computing Aug 14

Cloud computing sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it? It might also seem risky and too immature to trust with your business. But what if we told you that you’ve probably been using the cloud for years? That’s right, if you use web-based email, you use the public cloud. The same applies to social media. …

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5 Ways Leaders Nurture Company Culture When Times are Changing Aug 09

Company culture is part intentional curation and part dynamics of the people who work there. It takes time to build a company culture that you're proud of. When major changes arise, either in the industry or within the company, you could find yourself back at square one. …

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4 Reasons Startups Don't Need a Full HR Department Aug 03

While growth is the goal for any startup, the reality is that developing a business takes time and resources. Every penny and hour that are spent are part of a balancing act. An HR department might have the earmarks of a good business decision. But chances are you don’t need one just yet. …

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Cloud Migration is Up Across the U.S. and Still Climbing Aug 03

Cloud computing is on the rise with more than 2/3 of businesses surveyed committing to increase spending and growth this year. That’s according to a new report from B2B research company, Clutch.  No longer just an interesting option, the cloud is fast becoming the way that businesses operate. …

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