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Expert Interview Series: Jane Hatton of Evenbreak Mar 30

Jane Hatton, MSc, FCIPD and FRSA, is the founder of Evenbreak, an award-winning specialist job board run by and for disabled people. We recently checked in with Jane to learn more about the challenges facing disabled job seekers and why companies should consider giving these candidates a second look. Read on:…

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Expert Interview Series: Michael Sarsteiner of Talentor International Mar 30

Michael Sarsteiner is CEO of Talentor International. He worked for more than 10 years in recruitment and executive search as a consultant and managed Offices in Central and Eastern Europe.…

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Can RPO Accurately Represent Your Company Culture? Mar 30

The recipe that makes your company culture takes just the right balance. Experiment with the wrong ingredients and culture can fall flat like a cake with too much flour. You can dress it up on the outside, but a poor hiring choice spoils everything underneath. …

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IT Job Seekers Look Out: Pay in These 10 Cities Lags Behind Mar 27

Tired of chasing a great paycheck that's always out of reach? The city where you live and work partly determines whether your compensation is competitive or if it lags behind. A new study by Paysa reveals some genuine American stinkers. They examined millions of resumes and compared compensation, experience and other factors to location to arrive at their findings. …

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4 LinkedIn Practices that Help the Best IT Jobs Find You Mar 20

Are you maximizing LinkedIn to help the best IT jobs find you? At its least, LinkedIn is a social platform that explains who you are and what you do for a living. At its best, it’s a dynamic, virtual CV that’s ripe with opportunities for networking and brand building, complete with professional endorsements and thought leadership. …

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Is Your Business Growing? RPO Can Lighten the Load Mar 16

The larger a company grows, the more important a streamlined recruiting and staffing process becomes. Unfortunately, that’s when businesses often need the most help. RPO offers a clear path ahead when the internal hiring team isn’t equipped for rapid growth or wants to focus on other goals, such as retention, training or leadership development. …

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4 Reasons an IT Job Search is Never Really Over Mar 13

These days, you're more likely to find a forever car than a forever IT job. In fact, many people in the workforce today have only heard about lifetime careers as a musing or fun historical fact. It doesn’t work that way anymore, and maybe that’s a good thing.…

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Why are You Looking for a New IT Job? Mar 06

Few events can give you a bigger case of nerves than an IT job interview. You'll wonder what to wear, worry about arriving on time and brace yourself for one of the trickiest questions of all: "Why are you looking for a new job?" Should you be completely honest? And if you are, might honesty wreck your chances of landing a dream job?…

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Where Can You Find the Happiest People in IT Jobs? Mar 06

Work/life balance isn't easy to achieve, especially if you live in a high cost, ordinary wage, low-convenience location. Some of the most common cities for IT work aren't necessarily the best in terms of overall happiness. For that, you need more than job concentration and salary.…

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Dress for IT Job Interview Success With These Industry Pro Tips Mar 02

Job interview attire can stump even the most fashion-forward candidate. In the IT world where many jobs require no-iron business casual, dressing to impress might seem daunting. Never fear, it's really very simple. IDG's CIO magazine thinks it's logical that IT professionals have a little trouble with wardrobes. "After a long day spent debugging code or troubleshooting computer problems, there's not a lot of creativity left for clothing." But interviews are special events and you need to nail your look.…

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