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How to Job Hunt While You're Working Feb 26

Searching for a job while employed can be done if you are careful. If your current IT job is less than ideal, one recourse you have is to look for a new job while remaining in your current position. Conducting a job search can cause problems for you if your current employer realizes you are looking; however, there are some ways to look for a new job without risking your employer finding out. Don't Tell Co-Workers If you tell even one person about your job search, you may be telling everyone, according to corporate veteran and author Andy Teach. While you may be able to use contacts at work for networking and getting information about new IT jobs, it may not be worth the backlash you...…

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How to Tell if a Recruiter is Worth It Feb 26

Good recruiters develop methods of identifying top talent. Companies pay thousands of dollars to recruiters for help in finding and hiring needed employees. There are effective recruiters out there who use proven techniques to find quality candidates, but there are also recruiters who aren't worth a fraction of what they are paid and who waste the time of both the companies who hire them and the job seekers who are looking for positions. Characteristics of Effective Recruiters They have good people skills. Most recruiters can match up raw skill sets and find the best candidate on paper to fill an open IT position. Some of these candidates are a good fit for the company, and some will...…

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Should You Work as an IT Contractor? Feb 16

Contracted jobs, which are hourly, temporary and don't pay benefits, are becoming more plentiful in the IT field. Companies may prefer to hire contractors or freelancers for several reasons, but are such jobs beneficial for those in the IT field looking for work? Advantages of Contract or Freelance IT Positions One advantage of contract positions is that the hourly rate is usually higher than it would be for a permanent employee. Contract employees are hired for a specific assignment or project, which may last anywhere from a few days to months or even years. Many IT contractors have specialized expertise that would not be expected from a permanent employee with a more generalized job....…

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Using Psychology in IT Recruiting Feb 16

In the process of recruiting for IT positions, psychology can be a useful tool. There are several points in the recruiting process that can be improved by using psychology to better understand and make decisions about how to present job opportunities and what to look for when hiring. Presenting Opportunities It's important to get some idea of how a job description will be perceived before you post it in the various channels you use. According to network marketer Sonia Stringer, the recruiting process should appeal to the emotions and not just logic. Stringer says that 80% of decisions about jobs are made with emotion. People consider what their friends and families will think, whether...…

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8 Unusual IT Jobs and the Qualifications You Need to Get Them Feb 10

Computer forensics is one of many unusual IT jobs. The field of information technology has become large and diverse. Here are some of the most unusual jobs in the IT field with the qualifications required to get them. 1. Geospatial Technology Professional Uses geographic data to evaluate and communicate about trends and patterns. Could involve infographics and other unusual visual displays. Requires an IT degree with specialized certifications such as Geo Information Systems or Geospatial Intelligence Analytics. 2. Data Modeler Designs data models and the defines relationships between data fields to make sure a company's data systems work as efficiently as possible. Also presents and...…

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Going Back to School vs. Learning on the Job: Which is Better? Feb 10

Many open IT positions require candidates to learn new skills. In the IT field, jobs are often complex and highly specialized, requiring specific skills and ongoing training as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. For some jobs, the talent pool is small and emptied of fish quickly after being stocked each year as students graduate. It is an ongoing challenge for hiring managers to fill open positions with these rampant skills shortages. When it seems impossible to find a candidate who meets the qualifications for your job posting, what is the best course of action? You can just keep the position open until the right person comes along, but where does that leave your team?...…

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Thought Leader Series: How to Improve Job Candidate Selection Feb 10

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored the international bestselling book, "Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results," and "HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews." Although hiring managers and job seekers sit on opposite sides of the table, they each have one goal in common. Each party needs to qualify and match the opportunity at hand according to their professional requirements. For the company, the process is time-consuming and very expensive. Attention is taken away from normal duties in order to meet with dozens of candidates. The hard part is recognizing which candidate...…

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