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Expert Interview Series: Pradeep Chauhan About the Advantages of Contract Jobs Jan 28

"These days companies are hiring contractors for almost every position they used to hire full-time employees for," says Pradeep Chauhan, founder of crowd-sourced staffing agency directory OnContracting. "While the non-core IT positions like Desktop Support, Lab Engineers, Helpdesk and Software Testing were always contractor heavy, companies have started using contractors for more core aspects of their business, too," he says. We recently checked in with Pradeep to learn more about the advantages of contract jobs. Here's what he had to say: What are the advantages of contract jobs for companies? One of the advantages is flexibility to change resource levels. But I think many companies...…

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Thought Leader Series: Event Psychology: Getting Visitors to do the Expected at Your Job Fair Jan 28

Graham Jones is a Thought Leader on Internet Psychology and has extensive experience in helping businesses understand the behavior of their customers. To learn more about Graham, visit his website at Job fair organizers always do their best to make sure everything goes well. They do all they can to ensure the event is well organized, supremely planned and efficiently run. However, even for the best organized job fairs, things can go "off the rails" due to the unpredictable behavior of the attendees. In reality, significant event experiences for visitors happen because the organizers are adaptable and can deal with the unexpected like a swan: smooth and graceful...…

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Dealing with a Talent Shortage Jan 28

IT hiring managers are fighting an uphill battle. According to a recent Gartner report entitled "Service Providers Are Waging War against U.S. Talent Shortage with Unconventional Methods", the U.S. Department of Labor projects that, by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings. At the same time, universities are projected to produce qualified candidates for only about 30 percent of those jobs. If you think that things might turn around in the IT industry before 2020, consider this. The White House estimates that there are 500,000 job openings in IT that need to be filled right now.   IT hiring managers must search carefully in a scarce pool of candidates. Factors...…

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5 Ways to Find Passive Candidates for IT Jobs Jan 28

With an estimated 500,000 unfilled positions in IT today, it is obvious that the talent search for qualified candidates must extend far beyond those who are actively seeking employment. Many of the industry's best candidates are not actively searching for a job. Where the Talent Is According to LinkedIn's "2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report", 75 percent of global professionals consider themselves to be "passive" candidates. However, only 61 percent of organizations are actively targeting passive candidates in their recruiting efforts. These statistics illustrate a large pool of untapped talent available for proactive recruiters.   Finding passive candidates among employed IT workers...…

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Expert Interview Series: Stacy Chapman About What IT Positions are in Demand in 2016 Jan 28

Trying to keep a handle on ALL of the tech skills in demand in 2016 would be a full-time job, says Stacy Chapman, CEO for social talent sourcing solution, SwoopTalent. "Across all industries the data challenge continues - including analytics, data services, data architecture and 'big data' - as does the need for architecture, DevOps, machine learning, security, user experience and many others," Stacy says. In addition, good programmers are in high demand, and not just in new technologies like Puppet, Sqoop and Groovy; programmers in Java, html, C#, and even legacy skills like PeopleSoft and Documentum continue to increase in price. And that's only a few examples. Given the variety of...…

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Attracting Job Seekers to Your Company Website Jan 21

Getting IT professionals to browse your company's website can help with recruiting efforts. One way to build a list of potential future job candidates is to attract them to your company's website. Many corporate websites are not attractive to potential job seekers or currently employed IT professionals that may one day want to work for them. With a few changes and new additions, however, it is possible to have a corporate site that attracts potential candidates and helps build a talent network you can draw from when you have open positions. Interesting Content Linking to or providing original content of interest to IT professionals on your company website will show potential talent that...…

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Where Job Seekers Hang Out (And How Hiring Managers Can Meet Them There) Jan 21

Of course, job seekers hang out on social media, but where specifically do they hang out? For many IT job openings, it is increasingly difficult to find quality candidates with enough skills and experience to have any chance of success. Employers don't want to settle for a candidate that has little chance of being able to do the job, but their best efforts to fill the position often come up short. One thing hiring managers can do to find a larger pool of candidates is to identify the places, both physical and virtual, that IT professionals hang out. The majority of currently employed professionals would consider changing jobs even if they aren't actively looking. Finding these IT...…

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Expert Interview Series: Victoria Crispo About IT Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector Jan 21

There are two kinds of employees that drive the modern workforce: those who work hard to support themselves and their families - improving their circumstances in any number of industries - and those who are motivated by the well-being of others. For the latter, making a living and supporting loved ones is still a priority, they just choose to build their careers where others can also benefit. Which one are you? If you're the latter you may be interested to know that the IT industry has created a great number of jobs in the nonprofit sector - a sector where many careers meet charitable ends. To learn more about IT jobs in the nonprofit sector, GDH Consulting spoke with Victoria Crispo,...…

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The Risky Job Search: Why Playing it Safe May Not Get You the IT Job You Want Jan 14

Searching for an IT job can be fraught with angst, nail-biting tension, and generally uncomfortable moments. When you are in the market for a new position, you may have a tendency to avoid as many stomach-churning incidents as possible by playing it safe. For instance, you may decide not to search for a job while employed for fear that your current employer will get wind of your plans and take some unpleasant action. Or, you may hesitate to step out on a limb to make a contact that might get you in the door of a prospective employer out of shyness or fear of embarrassment.   Sometimes you just need to jump right in. If that is the case, it may be helpful to remember the old adage that...…

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Using Marketing Techniques to Recruit for IT Positions Jan 14

Inbound marketing can be an effective tool when building a talent network. Effective recruiting techniques involve some amount of marketing. Without marketing the opportunities as well as the company itself, it becomes difficult to attract quality candidates, many of whom are reluctant to work for a company they've never heard of. Here are some marketing techniques IT hiring managers can use to increase visibility for their open positions. Managing Social Media Most companies have a social media presence, but are your social media pages optimized to attract repeat visitors from the IT community? Effective social media users are active, posting at least several times a day on Twitter and...…

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Integrating Your IT Job Search Into Your Everyday Life Jan 06

Networking can be a key to a successful job search. It can seem strange and foreign to conduct a job search. All that paperwork that has to be filled out just right, and the whole interview process where one conversation can determine the next several years of your life can keep you in a state of constant stress until it's over. But there are ways to make your IT job search part of your everyday life so that it doesn't create as much stress or even take as much effort. Integrating your IT job search into your everyday life requires taking a different perspective on both your life and the job search process; however, it may not only reduce your stress, but also help you find more success...…

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6 IT Recruiting Techniques You Can Steal From the Sales Department Jan 06

IT recruiting is not exactly like sales. It's like sales times two. On the one hand, recruiters have the task of selling employers on the merits of prospective hires. On the other hand, recruiters must sell potential hires on the merits of employers. Thus, it makes sense that effective IT recruiters employ many of the same techniques that make salespeople effective. What are they? Tip No. 1: Know your product. The first secret to successful selling is being familiar with your product. In the case of an IT recruiter, the product is finding the right candidate for the right position at the right time. Knowing your product, then, involves a high level of communication with the employer. A...…

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