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What is a Purple Squirrel? Oct 29

This is the closest thing to a purple squirrel we could find. In recruiting and hiring circles, a purple squirrel is the term used for the almost-impossible ideal job candidate that has all of the qualifications for a particular job opening, lives in the exact right location to be hired, and is willing to work for a low salary considering the qualifications possessed. Of course, purple squirrels rarely exist in the real world, but the fact that luck or chance occasionally drop one into a recruiter's lap makes them search all the harder for more of these rare creatures, convinced that if they look long and hard enough, they will be able to find another one. Purple Squirrels Are a Myth ...…

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6 Things to Do While Waiting for the Perfect Job Oct 29

There are lots of things you can do while looking for your dream job. So you find the perfect IT job (or several great possibilities) and waste no time applying for them. Once you've sent the application, resume, and cover letter, what do you do? You wait. And if you get an interview, what then? Usually, you wait. Unfortunately, waiting is a large part of the job search experience. Here are some productive (or just fun) things you can do while waiting to hear whether you've made the cut. 1. Keep applying. But what if you accept a job you don't especially want and then you get offered your dream job? Here's a thought: What if you don't? Keep moving forward by continuing to apply to as...…

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6 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your IT Recruiter Oct 21

Using phone calls judiciously will keep you on your recruiter's good side. Communicating with your IT recruiter may not be as easy as it seems. Should you call in every day or every week? What kind and how much information should you give? When you have questions, should you contact the recruiter by email or pick up the phone? How much contact is too much? Here are some tips for effective communication with your recruiter while searching for your next IT job. 1. Approach the recruiter through social media. Many recruiters are now engaging in what's called "relationship recruiting" or "talent pipelining." They are active on social media, looking to connect with potential job candidates,...…

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IT Hiring Managers: Get Help Now Oct 21

Using a recruiter is a good idea even for companies with hiring managers. As an IT hiring manager, you may feel that it's your job to find quality IT candidates with which your company can fill open positions. Using a recruiter may feel like cheating or shirking your duties; however, except for in large companies, most hiring managers have many duties beyond hiring, including department leadership, training development, and conducting reviews for existing employees. With all the hats many hiring managers typically wear, why not take advantage of what recruiters have to offer? Advantages of Using Recruiters There are several advantages to hiring a recruiter even for dedicated hiring...…

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5 Benefits of Using an IT Recruiter Oct 14

A recruiter can help you stand out from the crowd. In the IT field, it can be difficult to find just the right job to use your mix of skills and experience. Chances are, the job is out there, but whether or not you can find it without some help is very much in question. Using a recruiter can be beneficial in finding just what you are looking for. Here are five benefits to using a recruiter in your IT job search. 1. Recruiters are motivated to fill positions. A recruiter doesn't get paid until the position is filled successfully, so a high level of motivation exists to match you up with one of the open IT positions they have been hired to fill. Also, recruiters will work to coach and...…

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The Rise of Mobile Recruiting Oct 14

Job seekers are using every device possible to their advantage as they look for jobs. Mobile recruiting isn't really all that new. It started in 2007 or so as more job candidates began to use their smartphones for almost everything. But the recession of 2008 and beyond put a damper on mobile recruiting because most employers curtailed their hiring for several years and didn't feel the need to optimize a system they weren't using. Now that hiring has come back somewhat, mobile recruiting has risen to prominence for several reasons, and there seems to be no going back. Here's how job seekers use their mobile devices to look for jobs, and what your company can do to meet the...…

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Expert Interview Series: Brett Iredale On The Challenges Associated With Hiring Quality IT Personnel Oct 14

Hiring quality IT professionals is challenging for both sides. For employers, every job opening listed receives an average of 250 resumes, all of which need to be reviewed. For job seekers, there is more competition than ever before, making it essential to stand out and really shine to attract the best potential employer. Recruitment is tough. It relies on so many variables that can be difficult to gauge and measure, especially over the internet where so much IT recruitment takes place. For a business to thrive, however, a business owner must continually be recruiting, and not just filling positions as they open. We talked to Brett Iredale of the recruitment software company…

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Thought Leader Series: Job-Hunting in Japan: Follow These Tips for Success Oct 14

Philip Beech is an editor of the Japan travel website Teaching ESL and finance careers remain the two biggest employment areas for foreigners wishing to work in Japan. But now, openings in Information Technology (IT) are growing, both within large companies and small start-ups. Read on for some tips on how to find a great job in Japan.  …

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7 Things IT Recruiters Can't Do Oct 07

Recruiters are skilled at connecting people with jobs. IT recruiters are professionals who help companies find the best possible candidates to fill their open positions and help candidates find the best possible job fitting their qualifications. Many IT recruiters are good at what they do, even though they juggle an almost impossible number of requisitions (open jobs) that they are expected to close quickly. Despite recruiters' skills and expertise, however, there are limits on what IT recruiters are able to do. Some tasks or roles are outside the scope of the normal recruiting process, and no amount of wishing, hoping or pressuring will make it possible for recruiters to be what they...…

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Social Media Recruiting: The Boundaries Problem and How to Solve It Oct 07

Social media recruiting relies on building relationships and contacts with job prospects through social media. Social media has forever changed the way most recruiting is done, but its openness also poses problems for recruiters as the boundaries between work and personal can easily begin to blur. Since social media offers great opportunities to build your talent pipeline so that you can quickly fill positions when they become available, it is a valuable resource if it is used correctly. The Problem of Boundaries in Social Media There are two main problems for recruiters that use social media for recruiting. First, social media is available 24/7, which makes it all too easy to check in...…

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Why IT Recruiting is Not a Panacea Oct 07

Recruiters need specific information from companies to match talent with their open positions. Successful recruiting requires certain things from the recruiter and certain things from the company seeking employees. Hiring a recruiter can be a great move for a company, but it doesn't work as well as it can without both sides doing their part. Recruiting is a Partnership If a company had the resources and manpower to make successful hires in a timely manner, it wouldn't need a recruiter. Conversely, recruiters also need input from the company to be able to recruit successfully for them. The Role of the Company The role of the company in recruiting is to give as much information about...…

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