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7 Ways to Manage IT Job Search Frustration

Mar 17 , 2016

Job searches can be frustrating for many IT professionals.

IT job searches can be a major source of frustration. There's nothing like almost getting the job offer yet again to make you wonder if your searching days will ever come to an end. Every day is filled with dozens of decisions to agonize over: how to target your resume, what to put in a cover letter, whether to spend time applying for a job when you don't quite meet the qualifications.

It doesn't take very long to begin to doubt whether anything you are doing will ever turn into a job offer. Here are some ways to manage and overcome the frustration that comes with an IT job search.

1. Network Positively

Networking is important in the job search process. You should be using your social and personal networks to search for job openings you might be qualified for. Often times, though, people can sense that you are only after information and not looking for true connection - in other words, they can tell when you don't genuinely care about them.

If you network differently - offering help and genuine caring without expecting anything in return, at the very least you will generate positive feelings toward your job search. You will likely find out that others will be more than willing to help you in return, even when you don't ask them to.

2. Learn Something New

Continuing education will inject interest and excitement into what can be a monotonous process of surfing job boards, revising resumes and other IT job search tasks. Not only will learning something new break up the monotony, it will also give you more to add to your resume.

3. Get Constructive Criticism

Finding a few people you can trust to be honest with you, but not unkind, can help you improve your job search skills by exposing your weaknesses so you can do better. These can be trusted friends, colleagues, or job search professionals who can help you up your game.

Learning how to handle job search frustrations will make the process easier.

4. Communicate Specific Goals and Targets

When you talk to people about your job search goals, it's best to be specific, according to Quora via Fortune Magazine. Telling someone you are looking for a job as a data modeler for a company of 50 or fewer employees will jog their memory better than saying you are looking for a job in IT. You will get more referrals this way, and even if the description is close but not exact, you are more likely to get a referral when you've communicated a specific goal.

5. Find a Job Search Buddy

Someone else who is going through the same thing as you can be a great resource throughout the job search process. Not only can you help your buddy, but you will have someone to vent your frustrations to. You will also know that you are not alone in the process.

6. Practice Gratefulness

No matter how bleak things look, there are always lots of things to be grateful for in life. If you take some time each day focusing on the positive things, your perspective will change and your frustration will lessen.

7. Take a (Short) Break

Getting away from the job search grind for a day or a few days can recharge your batteries and give you some much-needed relief from frustration. Longer than a few days is likely to derail your efforts, though, so make sure you don't stay away too long.

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