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5 Ways Unified Communications Helps Supercharge Productivity

May 23 , 2018

Unified communications

Unified communications pulls chat, video conferencing, email and most forms of business communication into a single, manageable interface. Using UC tools and abilities, a voicemail might be accessed via email, text message or on a cell phone even if the voicemail was sent on an IP phone line. The benefits of unified communications are numerous for businesses and individuals. 

Here are some of the top ways unified communications can help supercharge productivity. 

1. UC improves accessibility.

A major component of UC is presence—knowing where people are and how to access them in real time. Instead of playing phone tag for days, you can gain access to someone you need to communicate with now, wherever they are. An effective UC system includes presence information that can facilitate this real-time communication, which can move business transactions along much faster—and time is money, so this is significant.

2. UC saves time checking messages.

Instead of having to check voicemail(s), email(s), texts, chatboxes, and social media messaging, UC can integrate all these disparate systems into one tool that has to be checked one time. Hours of productive time each week can be saved by integrating all forms of messaging into one easy-to-use format. This extra time you gain can be used to complete projects and make proactive moves rather than continually reacting to different forms of messaging. 

3. UC facilitates better work-life balance.

The same presence technology that makes others more accessible to you can also be shut down during times when you are not available to others, which will prevent you from being prompted to check work messages when you are not technically working. The slow creep of work into non-work hours can be solved and stopped with UC technology. Unfortunately, UC can also have the opposite effect of making you available 24 hours a day if you let it—it's all in how you use it. 

Unified communications

4. UC makes collaboration easier and faster.

The benefits of collaboration and teamwork are well-established, but delayed communication can slow down the process and dilute some of the productivity gains. One of the main uses of UC is for collaboration so that teams who have to be in different locations temporarily or on a permanent basis can still communicate quickly and effectively on projects, making them easier to manage.

5. UC reduces work stress.

When impediments to communication are removed, the stress level of everyday work life falls, frustrations are lessened, and the workplace becomes overall a more pleasant place to inhabit rather than a minefield of frustrations and pitfalls that never seems to end. And less work stress leads to more productivity, not to mention better employee retention—who wouldn't want to work in a less stressful, more pleasant environment?

While there are some do-it-yourself unified communications solutions available, the maximum benefit comes from expert help in configuring your system in the best possible way for your needs. GDH can bring UC to your business in affordable ways that make sense for your work environment so you can access the positive benefits of simplified communication. Contact us for more information on unified communications solutions and based on your business's needs.